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Japan’s Sharp Update ‘simulation’ tablet computer, surprising success

Japan’s Sharp to make multi-hued HD display iPhone and television, but it has had unexpected success at home, a simple, monochrome device it calls a “digital notepad,” a small piece of a lined screens and Easy graffiti pen handwritten notes.
Sharp first announced in December that equipment, and produce 6-inch screen and a modest size compared to small sensation, feature-rich opponent.
The device has been successful, but last Thursday, Sharp announced a more advanced model. Newer versions can be saved 2,000 handwritten notes, twice the original single battery charge still provides 60 hours of use. Like its predecessor, it has a monochrome LCD screen, smooth and delicate writing use the stylus to be optimized.
The company seems to have to enter the Japanese calligraphy is still taught in public schools children learn the complex Chinese characters by repeatedly writing cursive handwritten cultural attractions. Sharp will launch the device in a foreign country, but do not know how it will be received, although similar products, such as surfboards has been successful.
“It really is better than expected, said:” Sharp spokewoman Zhongshan Miyuki. “Handwriting is a Japanese culture, so we need to look into the market demand in foreign markets, because it is a simulation.”
The newer version will cost about ¥ 15,000 (150 U.S. dollars), the same as the earlier version. This makes some of the fully functional tablet, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD fee of 15,800 yen in Japan at the same price.
Sharp said that in December, the company plans to produce about 8,000 per month of the original version. The company does not provide sales figures, but said it exceeded expectations, some retailers reported that they had sold out of stock in the months after it was released. The newer version, the monthly production 5000, sales began in August, Sharp plans.
The device has a simple software, on-screen buttons to change the thickness or save notes. It also has a growing number of downloads in the background, ranging from simple lines that mimic traditional Letterhead tables and calendars.
“It is very interesting because it is an electronic notepad, which is an analog signal, grid templates,” tweeted a user, he said that she liked a rule angle design, a small bear.
Sharp calls the device “WG-N20 latest version.” It features a 6-inch screen, 600×800 pixels measures by the 15.5 cm 11.1 cm and a thickness of about 1cm. It weighs 210 grams. For more information, please visit:

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Google version of the phone is not what you want to see the answer

Google version of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 phone is not the manufacturer of the skin, should be run pure Android Android’s biggest problems to solve. Never leave a premium hardware platform update occurs. This is the idea, anyway. But today we find that this is not quite the case.

Although announced a series of updates, this morning in San Francisco a new Nexus 7, Chrome browser improvements, Google Play growth, Google detailed the latest and greatest version of Android. Jelly beans, and this new iteration is not earth-shattering, there is a surprising aspect: Nexus devices will get it today, while Google version of the device will not. They will get it soon. ”

For its part, “soon” is not the end. “Soon” is fine. This is a small update, after all, the majority of Android users will not even notice. But it is also extremely vague, and more importantly, it is not now. Google version of the phone is an expensive proposition, but built, the price is assuming pure Android phone will be the first in a new kindness and Nexus devices. You do not get today. It may be days, weeks or months before you do it.

Google version of the phone is still a wonderful thing, pure Andr oid beat any manufacturer on the market of the skin. But they will not keep out of the Nexus devices like the horse you bet only place, do not win. While it may be just a few days on a small update, the endless wait for a major upgrade down the line to set a precedent. And I do not think anyone shelled out $ 600 afterwards. For more information, please visit:

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Charity Poker Event @ The Turn!!

Hey Ya’ll! Just like every week we’ve got friendly 1/3 any buy in’s ALL WEEKEND! But this week, we decided to go bigger and better! :) In order to introduce your new Hostess, Tami, the New Venue, and format @ “The Turn”, this Saturday, July 27th, we are hosting a huge charity Poker(Bonus) event. We will have live entertainment from Chris Bosmans, Jimmy’s BBQ chicken and Ribs, Potato salad, bread and ICE COLD BEER all night long! It’s guaranteed to be an awesome night!Come socialize & play with us! Great staff and the Best Venue in San Antonio. Bring your friends and Pls RSVP to get an accurate count for food and drink. :). Play Strong, Tami, Cris, LP, and Derek. (210) 639-1116

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Apple’s mobile touch sensor structure to a mobile phone in the cell, the film in the Tablet PC

Apple’s new touch sensor through two cell structures iPhone 5 and GF2 (double-sided ITO film), a touch panel supply chain of the iPad has generated changes.
According to NPD DisplaySearch’s latest quarterly touch panel market analysis, display-cell touch phone shipments by 7.3%, is expected to rise in 2013, 13.7% in 2012, while shipments GG DITO (double-sided ITO conductive glass) structure is expected to decline from 10.3% to 0.6%. For tablet PCs, GF2 sensor structure shipments in 2013 are expected to rise 4.7% in 2012 to 28.4 percent, shipments GG DITO structural decline, from 37.2% to 8.1%.
From 2007 to 2011, Apple’s use of the GG touch sensor of the iPhone, and then switch to battery technology iPhone 5. Apple uses its iPad GG 2010 to 2012, and in 2012 and 2013 the iPad iPad Mini and then switch to the GF2.
Calvin Hsieh, NPD DisplaySearch research director, said, “” mobile phone and tablet PC touch technology and sensor structure is increasing rapidly, in large part thanks to Apple’s move away from the GG structure in-cell touch technology and GF2 . “Apple’s market share in these categories means that any technical movements feel the entire component supply chain.”
The touch panel of Q2’13 quarterly market analysis also found that this is the October 2012 release of Windows 8, has been in trouble, affecting the laptop market. Affordable Tablet PC sales are being eroded running Microsoft’s new operating system of the device.
Even so, the laptop’s touch screen penetration rate is expected to rise to 18%, mainly because of falling prices of glass solutions (OGS) touch sensor modules and cost-reinforced glass (SSG) penetration increases. NPD DisplaySearch forecasts OGS in 2013 (83.5%), laptops touch sensor, while the SSG will reach 5.6%. “Consumer electronics industry is now waiting to see if the touch technology can help turn the tide notebook shipments decline,” Xie said.
To learn more about Touch and other emerging display technologies from NPD DisplaySearch and other industry leaders, registered NPD DisplaySearch’s Emerging Display Technologies Conference, being held in at 8:00 on August 6, 2013 Hilton pm to 5:00 PT Hotel San Jose San Jose, California. NPD DisplaySearch Taiwan touch meeting August 14, 2013 in Taipei, Taiwan at the Taipei International Convention Center, will be held. Are interested in attending any meeting Sarah Bogaty media should contact 1.516.625.2357 or medium () DisplaySearch’s (dot) com.
Shifts in the touch screen market, more detailed information, please contact Charles Camaroto about quarter of the touch panel market analysis, or contact your local DisplaySearch office in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan.
“About NPD DisplaySearch company
NPD DisplaySearch data, NPD Group, a part of providing global market research and consulting professional display supply chain, including trend information, forecasts and analyzes developed by a global extensive industry knowledge and experienced analyst team. NPD DisplaySearch’s supply chain expertise to supplement sales information through the NPD Group, which provides a true end-to-end view of the display supply chain from materials and components to shipments of electronic devices with displays major consumer and commercial channels sales . For more information, please visit our

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Specification: pay us 600 yuan (or more) to help design the Ubuntu computer phone

Regulate their innovative smart phone design, directly to potential customers. The company has launched a crowdfunding activities to build the original batch of its plan of Ubuntu edge devices.

Regular hope within 30 days to raise $ 32 million to build 40,000 units. It will use the Indiegogo services and electronic payment services PayPal, collecting contributions.

“We will use crowdfunding to see if there is a real market,” said at a news conference, Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth. “Today there are very few people who decide what will go into the next generation of mobile phones, they can not all the time to get it right. With crowdfunding, we can connect directly to the manufacturer passion forward-thinking type.”

Who pledged $ 600 (Tuesday), or 830 yuan, and the remaining 29 days, the resulting device, which is due to be shipped in May 2014 one. Specification does not create a phone should be donated over $ 320,000 U.S. dollars, despite the handset manufacturers willing to build their own mobile phones, they should get enough interest from the cell phone carriers.

Like Microsoft Windows RT tablet, typically hope that through the introduction of innovative hardware design their own equipment in order to reboot the device between the interests of the manufacturer. The difference is that with Microsoft, Canonical Company does not intend to remain after this test equipment operating in the hardware market. The company plans to break even in this project, although it is clear that this will help to raise awareness of Ubuntu edges.

Ubuntu to see two potential users of Ubuntu edge: early adopter consumers and organizations want to use the product as a combined electrical worker desktops smartphones and thin client devices.

Ubuntu’s edge, will be the first device that can be used as a smart phone, as well as a complete personal computer when docked with an HDMI cable, connect the monitor to an optional keyboard and mouse.

Canonical’s idea is that the user can use the phone when out and about, but switch to a PC, dock, so as to consolidate two into a single device.

Shuttleworth said: “This will be the first phone call, you can connect to a screen, and get a full PC experience.” The edges will dual boot Ubuntu Ubuntu Desktop OS and Android.

Because of this potential dual use of the results, the phone design needs more muscle than usual components found in your phone. The quad-core processor, although the company has not yet decided Canonical chip companies will provide CPU. It will also work with working memory, 4GB of RAM, which is twice the high-end smart phones available now.

“Put more RAM, we think we can get comfortable performance” on the desktop, Shuttleworth said.

Ubuntu edge will contain 128GB of storage space. 4.5 inches, 280 × 720 pixels, the display will be determined by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, it will feature a new type of silicon anode cell technology promises no charge.

The device will provide high-speed access in Europe and the United States, it will also support dual-band 4G LTE broadband roaming wireless 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication). It has two cameras, an 8 megapixel rear camera and 2.0 megapixel front camera. Want to buy good quality and cheap tablet you, here is a good choice:

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